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The 2 Day a Week Diet Cookbook



  O. S.,  Life Style Change You've Been Desperately Waiting For!,   January 16, 2014

I became a believer. This book represents the best $3.99 you will spend in 2014. ….

This plan will empower you to deal with your own personal psychology of food as well as the physiological need for enjoyable sustenance. …. 1-click ORDER NOW.  You won't be sorry.  As recipes go... these ladies bring almost 100 years of food expertise to the task! YOU WILL LOVE THESE RECIPES...  and they invite you to make your own favorites over again in new ways as well.

ABSOLUTELY THRILLED about this book!


  D. C.,  So Excited This Book is Finally Available!   January 14, 2014

I've been doing the 5:2 diet for a couple of months now, losing about a pound a week. I've looked for cookbooks to go with the diet, but few (as in none that I've found) use US measurements, since the diet originated in the UK. Thanks for putting this together, Ruth and Nancy!


  C. Y.,  2 Days a Week? I can do this!   January 15, 2014

My family has tried this and has lost over 20 pounds! This book helps you spend your calories wisely and deliciously. I am inspired by them to try this for my new year's resolution. I love that it is only $3.99 and that I can start right away since it is on my Kindle.


  R. D.,  Awesome food for fast days!, January 16, 2014

I've already tried some of the goods in this book, and they're great. I can't believe how much flavor and eating satisfaction these authors have managed to cram into dishes with such low calories. Simple, easy, tasty foods to ease you through your two diet days. The French toast is particularly impressive.


  K. J.,   Down to Earth and Practical,  January 16, 2014

The chiopino alone I could enjoy whether dieting or not-wonderful! I was amazed by how satisfying so many of these dishes are. My major problem is snacking between meals. I worry that the calorie intake of almost anything is too high. But this book gives me some good choices. This isn't a fancy-schmancy cookbook that requires a lot of cooking knowledge or prep time. Quite down to earth, which I appreciate. I just don't have time during the day to concoct elaborate meals. So, for me, this fits my lifestyle.


  P. R.   Great Lo-Cal, Lo-Point Recipes   January 15, 2014

This cookbook is filled with low calorie recipes that have ingredients and spices that will make delicious dishes for anyone trying to lose weight on one of those programs. Beyond the recipes themselves, there are other positives about this cookbook. The authors tell you about each dish, why it’s included and what you can change if you don’t care for or don’t have an ingredient handy (and what a difference that will make in calories). So it gives you options. And what if you’re on Weight Watchers and count points instead of calories but are having trouble continuing to lose weight? Each recipe is followed by nutrition facts just like you find on food labels, so you can grab the fat, carb, fiber and protein content and put them in your calculator to get the points if you choose to lower them for a day without sacrificing good nutrition.


  T. B. Great Recipes-Don't Feel Deprived, January 15, 2014

I love the instructions in this book--they're so easy to follow. And the photos and the comments help make this book a winner. I tried my first recipe --a yummy sounding Turkish veggie salad--and it was easy to prepare and delicious. I've read other cookbooks by these authors and their writing is so clear that even ho-hum cooks like me can manage them.


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